La casa di Chianni can be found in the ancient town of Chianni, located right in the center of Pisan hills, in the heart of charming Tuscany. Whoever wishes to be here can appreciate the panoramic view of the place, can relax away from the smog and disturbing noises of the big cities, can find refuge in the small historical center, or submerge in an uncontaminated nature, and of course taste the hearty typical dishes from the area.
map road Chianni can be a good departure point for an art, gastronomic or naturalist itinerary.
All year round, Chianni is an ideal place for vacations; in winter there are near places for skiing or spa resorts. During the summer season, Chianni is an ideal place for long walks in the green forests around or for taking a swim at the local, outdoor public pool. With a bit of luck wild animals that live in the protected areas can be seen to roam freely and safely.

Chianni is reachable from Florence in little more than an hour drive. Lead into Superstrada Fi Pi Li (highway), direction to Pisa/Livorno, exit at Pontedera, and then lead into main road towards Rosa di Terriciola where there are indications for Chianni.
Chianni is reachable from Pisa in about 40 minutes drive. Lead into Superstrada Fi,Pi,Li (highway) direction to Florence, exit at Ponsacco. From there continue on to main road following directions to Casciana Terme where there are indications for Chianni.


During the second and third week of February are held the Festivities of Olive Oil ( FESTA DELL'OLIO) where is possible to taste and buy olive oil, locally produced with the use of ancient techniques in the nearby oil presses.
During the second and third week of October the Chestnut Festivities ( SAGRA DEL MARRONE ) are held in Rivalto town, and tasty chestnuts collected from local chestnut-trees can be bought.
During the first two weeks of November, the town of Chianni holds the Wild boar Festivities (SAGRA DEL CINGHIALE ) where in addition to tasty dishes made from wild boar (such as wild boar stew, Pappardelle, a kind of pasta, with wild boar sauce or Wild boar cooked in olives) is possible to taste other local specialties as olive oil 'extravergine', wine and mushrooms (funghi porcini).
On the last sunday of June LA SFERRAGLIATA italian speedown championship trial run.
From June 15th until August 30th you can dance and have dinner outdoors in BOSCHETTO (where Andrea Bocelli sang).

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